Senior Yearbook Quotes


All Quotes need to follow the Guidelines below. Failure to follow guidelines will result in the exclusion of your quote. 

  • All quotes must be limited to 140 characters. 

  • Yes, spaces between words count and need to be included.  

  • NO acronyms  

  • NO profanity, slang, obscene, offensive, or inappropriate language  

  • NO references to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex, gangs, gang-affiliated words or phrases, and/or cliques.

  • NO language that insults another person's ethnicity, religious/ political beliefs, sexuality, gender, physical/ mental ability, etc.  

  • NO derogatory comments about the school, students, faculty, or staff members.

  • NO abbreviations, creative spelling, or questionable/inappropriate content.  

  • The deadline to submit a quote is DECEMBER 22, 2023

  • Submit ALL Senior Quotes here:


Your quote should be well chosen and represent your best assets, as it will record who you are for years to come.

If the quote is ambiguous or may have a negative connotation, the Yearbook staff reserves the right to determine whether it is published in the yearbook.

All quotes are subject to review by the administration and the yearbook staff.

Failure to follow guidelines will result in the exclusion of your quote.  

If you aren’t sure whether or not your quote will pass this review or if you have a question, contact or see Mrs. Lisk in Room 701.